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March 04, 2017  admin Comments are off Candids, Facebook, Instagram, Photoshoots, Snapchat, Twitter, Video

Ashley had lots of fun annoying her assistant at work yesterday (March 3, 2017). She shared everything she did on her Snapchat and it was lots of fun. Besides that I’m happy to share candids of Ashley and her husband Christopher French leaving Nobu restaurant in West Hollywood on March 2, 2017.

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___BrigitteBardot.PNG Nudes___neutrals__What27s_your_go-to_look.PNG Cheesin27____.PNG Love_yourself_first___RupiKaur.PNG

03_02_28129.jpg 03_02_28229.jpg 03_03_28129.jpg 03_03_28429.JPG


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March 02, 2017  admin Comments are off Candids, Instagram, Snapchat, Video

So many great things to post! Ashley has first listened to the song she recorded along with Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato for their upcoming movie ‘Charming’ for the first time. We’re excited to finally listen to it! Besides that Ashley was out and about in Los Angeles (March 1, 2017) looking fab.

001~1238.jpg 004~913.jpg 008~672.jpg 013~490.jpg

Don27t_let_anyone_tell_you_different____MelissaEtheridge.PNG That_little_face_though21__Maui.PNG  


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February 21, 2017  admin Comments are off Candids, Instagram, Twitter

Ashley had a kinda chilled Monday. She was seen leaving Joans on Third Cafe in Studio City yesterday (February 20, 2017) with lunch to go. Ashley was on the phone when leaving the cafe, maybe with her husband?

001~881.jpg 005~566.jpg 007~479.jpg 010~397.jpg

Believing_in_yourself_is_the_first_step_.PNG Vintage____eliastahan.PNG  


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February 20, 2017  admin Comments are off Candids, Instagram, Snapchat

Ashley Tisdale and her husband Christopher French have been seen out for brunch in Los Angeles last night (February 19, 2017). Both looked real casual yet just amazing. Ashley earlier shared a cute picture of their dog Maui via Snapchat. Such a casual, chill kinda day.

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February 10, 2017  admin Comments are off Candids

Ashley shared some girls day action with all of us via Snapchat: she was hanging out with her wonderful niece Mikayla last night. Both girls were out at Color Me Mine in Beverly Hills. The style of both ladies? As perfect as always! The same day Ashley was seen getting out of her car at a yet unknown place. Wondering what she was doing there…

02_09_28329.jpg 02_09_28529.jpg  

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February 08, 2017  admin Comments are off Candids

Ashley was seen arriving and leaving the gym in Studio City, California last night (February 7, 2017). She looked absolutely stunning. Just before she hit the gym she tweeted:

Need some workout motivation. 💪🏼What’s your go-to?

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February 04, 2017  admin Comments are off Candids, Gallery Update

I finally managed to update the gallery a little. Below you can find all links of the 2015 candid albums I have added. More pictures of the past years will be added and tonight I’ll be adding more candids of 2015 so this post will be filled with more updates. Check back in to see which new/old candids have been added.

Candid Pictures > 2015 >

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