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June 20, 2021  Sarah Comments are off Instagram

Happy Father’s Day to all amazing, loving, supportive and caring father’s out there, including Ashley’s amazing dad Mike. A special Father’s Day goes out to Chris, who celebrates his first father’s day as dad to his baby Jupiter. Via Instagram Ashley shared some adorable photos and an adorable photo as well.

I knew you were gonna be a great dad but I had no idea you would be this great. Chris you amaze me. I tell Jupiter all the time she is the luckiest little girl. You’re the best partner in this wild journey of being parents. The patience and love you shower your daughter with everyday is my favorite thing to watch. You are the most present dad and not just because you meditate lol but because you never want to miss a thing. Even when you are stressed and have crazy deadlines at work you make it happen. Just for her. Happy Fathers Day @cmfrench ❤️ ps you’re also hot AF 🔥

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June 04, 2021  Sarah Comments are off Candids, Gallery Update, House of Ashes, Instagram, Miscs

Welcome back! It was honestly about time to finally update the theme with something new and special. The brand new theme was designed by Cherry Gem Design and the header was edited by myself (Sarah) – tho I used CGD’s header as my base. The sidebar was made a little short with only the recent projects of Ashley being a part of it (bye bye 2020). The logo on top and at the bottom of the site were created by me. Please don’t take any images provided as theme, since I worked on these things.

Besides the new layout on the website there have been a few other things. The gallery layout has also changed to match the theme right here and I have added the recent candids, project photos and social media posts into the gallery for you to enjoy.

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057~381.jpg 021~1285.jpg 001~4315.jpg 002~3946.jpg 003~3656.jpg
014~1788.jpg 001~4319.jpg 003~3659.jpg 005~3161.jpg 009~2421.jpg
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February 04, 2021  Sarah Comments are off Candids, Instagram

On Wednesday (February 3) Ashley was seen running errands in Los Angeles, looking all comfortable in some tie-dyed items. Also some Instagram photos have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

002~3929.jpg 003~3638.jpg 001~4299.jpg 004~3376.jpg 

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October 16, 2020  Sarah Comments are off Instagram

I’ve been wondering if we should share the gender with all of you. As you know I like to keep as much as I can close to my heart but I’m so excited maybe I should” is how Ashley asked us all if we’d like to know the gender of Baby French. And you can guess the answer we all gave. 

This year has obviously been hard. For so many. Ups and downs, and an emotional roller coaster. I think this day was by far my favorite day EVER! I cried I was so happy. Ps for all you people going above and beyond for gender reveal parties. A cake with the color inside is JUST as rewarding as fireworks but SAFER! #SheSoFrench

Can’t wait to meet her in about five months. Congrats mommy and daddy French.

215~58.jpg 216~58.jpg 217~58.jpg 218~55.jpg 

October 12, 2020  Sarah Comments are off Instagram

About a month ago Ashley and Chris announced their pregnancy. Today Ashley shared an adorable photo on her social media handles, commenting “Four months 🤰“. So adorable! We can’t wait for Baby French.


January 01, 2020  Sarah Comments are off Instagram, Uncategorized

Happy New Year, welcome new decade. Can’t believe last decade I became a massive fan of Ashley, watched High School Musical way too often and started this fansite but it’s true. 2020 has arrived and I’m super excited to continue updating you with all the latest Ashley news. Speaking about Ashley, read her amazing and heartfelt recap of 2019 below:

2019 has been one of the most amazing year but also the most painful year of my life. I lost my soulmate/best friend Maui BUT I did some really cool things like released my album SYMPTOMS where I finally was able to speak my truth on my journey through anxiety and depression. I got over my fear of performing acoustic. I gained a whole family shooting #merryhappywhatever. We bought a forever home. I became @patriciaheaton daughter and gained another family @carolssecondact. We got a new puppy @ziggystardustfrench (even though my husband said he wasn’t ready) and then got ANOTHER puppy @sushisuefrench (event though my husband said he didn’t think we should get another one right now) I did all this and much more that I couldn’t fit into this post. The reason I was able to do all this and get through all the pain was because of my man, my husband, the love of my life. @cmfrench picked up the pieces that fell apart and I couldn’t have gotten through it without him. I look back and see through all my work I have been the most authentic I’ve ever been and that’s something I’m proud of and can’t wait to continue on that path! 2020 LETS GO!!!!

393~13.jpg 394~13.jpg 396~13.jpg 398~12.jpg 401~12.jpg

August 30, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Instagram, Miscs, Photoshoots

Ashley’s a blogger now. She teamed up with Revolve and shows off some fun styles on her social media you can shop for yourself on revolve.com.

269~35.jpg 270~36.jpg 272~37.jpg 004~3029.jpg 006~2636.jpg

2120695222501831192_14734199.jpg 2120838328647936924_14734199.jpg 2121255911700268703_14734199.jpg 2121320986955750165_14734199.jpg 2121415073667084259_14734199.jpg

2120725591107090416_16296966.png 2121337237701828722_16296966.jpg 2121412731977626790_16296966.jpg  

August 20, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Candids, Instagram, Miscs

So many amazing things to share today. On Monday (August 19) Ashley was seen heading to Color Camp in Studio City to get her nails done. Looking good girl! Via Instagram Ashley shared her new done nails and the fact she updated her depop shop, where you can purchase clothes she doesn’t wear/need anymore. Check it out here.

001~3886.jpg 004~3023.jpg 006~2629.jpg 009~2172.jpg 010~2048.jpg

2113296460758291676_14734199.jpg 2114065993261451934_14734199.jpg 2114299338859917316_14734199.jpg 2114332777864561870_14734199.jpg 2114334431603262734_14734199.jpg

091~183.jpg 097~168.jpg 100~161.jpg 113~125.jpg 119~116.jpg

2112775598850375120_14734199~0.jpg 010~2049.jpg   

Besides I’m happy to share some exclusive photos of Ashley, Chris and Ziggy in LA/Los Feliz from Saturday (August 17).

001~3887.jpg 003~3260.jpg 004~3024.jpg 005~2815.jpg 007~2461.jpg

001~3888.jpg 003~3261.jpg 04~0.jpg 006~2631.jpg 007~2462.jpg

001~3889.jpg 003~3262.jpg 010~2050.jpg 020~1231.jpg 022~1128.jpg

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