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June 09, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Candids, Instagram, Uncategorized

We’re in love with the shape of Ashley 😉 On Saturday (June 8) Ashley was seen leaving Shape House in Studio City before hosting a dinner for her Merry Happy Whatever cast & crew.

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June 08, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Candids

Happy National Donut Day 🍩 Donut worry, be happy. Ashley, her sister Jennifer and actress Bridgit Mendler were seen out in Studio City on Friday (June 7) stopping by Joan’s on Third and Fonut.


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May 30, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Candids, Merry Happy Whatever, Miscs

The past week Ashley has worked hard on her upcoming Netflix series Merry Happy Whatever in Los Angeles. The first episode (Welcome Matt) has been filmed, the table read for episode two happened as well. Can’t wait to see this project come to life more and more each day. On Wednesday (May 29) Ashley hit the gym in Studio City as well.

2044563748090737800_14734199~0.jpg 2045210464049606371_14734199~0.jpg 59737176_159920568378982_1808040442478322652_n.jpg 2048963458775736420_14734199~0.jpg 002~3410.jpg

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May 19, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Candids

I got some fun and amazing candids of Ashley to share with you. On Tuesday (May 14) she was seen crawling from the passenger seat to the driver seat in her car, while on Saturday (May 18) Ashley and her husband were seen out for breakfast in Los Angeles with their dog Maui.

002~3407.jpg 004~2937.jpg 007~2397.jpg 009~2124.jpg 012~1779.jpg

003~3157.jpg 009~2125.jpg 012~1780.jpg 024~1023.jpg 029~837.jpg

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May 14, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Candids, Instagram, Merry Happy Whatever, Miscs

On Sunday (May 12) we celebrated our beautiful mama’s, and so did Ashley. Via Instagram she shared:

Happy Mothers Day Mommy!! I couldn’t have gotten a better one. Thanks for always being there especially when I needed you the most, thanks for taking 3 am phone calls whenever I can’t sleep and for teaching me to be strong so I can get myself through anything. You are always so supportive even if you don’t agree (my tattoos 😝) I love you SO much!

Ashley took her mom out for lunch yesterday (May 13) as an after-Mother’s-Day lunch. A few days earlier (May 10) Ashley was seen at the table read of her upcoming project Merry Happy Whatever.

153~77.jpg 002~3402.jpg   

001~3704.jpg 002~3403.jpg   

2042263782685649083_14734199.jpg 2042317132672198665_14734199.jpg 2042414986849754076_14734199.jpg 2042456837950785258_14734199.jpg 2043118726720297135_14734199.jpg

154~76.jpg 155~74.jpg   



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April 30, 2019  Sarah Comments are off at3, Candids, Instagram

Workout season has started. Ashley was seen heading to the Training Mate Gym in Studio City, California on Monday (April 29). Also she shared a new shot from the Symptoms album shoot by Nick Walker.

003~3141.jpg 006~2552.jpg 009~2117.jpg 016~1441.jpg 018~1328.jpg

018~1327.jpg 019~36.png 020~35.png 022~36.png 024~31.png

2032897260678212563_14734199.jpg 2032897482774890179_14734199.jpg 2032897715114102980_14734199.jpg 2033578297964464349_14734199.jpg 

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April 29, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Candids, Instagram

Ashley looking casual chic while running errands with her husband and their dog Maui in West Hollywood, California on Sunday (April 28th). Enjoy some fun photos in our gallery.

002~3385.jpg 005~2727.jpg 007~2386.jpg 012~1775.jpg 018~1326.jpg

825.jpg 2031657309475522145_14734199.jpg 2032159638826193608_14734199.jpg 2032202327470703388_14734199.jpg 2032426211533083212_14734199.jpg

April 16, 2019  Sarah Comments are off Candids, Instagram, Miscs

After Coachella is Pre-Workout. Ashley was seen hiking at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, California on Monday (April 15).

001~3681.jpg 002~3379.jpg 005~2720.jpg 007~2381.jpg 008~2240.jpg

2022739876488644458_14734199.jpg 2022739876488644458_14734199.jpg 2022739876488644458_14734199.jpg 2022739876488644458_14734199.jpg 2022739876488644458_14734199.jpg

005~2719.jpg 005~2719.jpg 005~2719.jpg 005~2719.jpg 005~2719.jpg

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