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Welcome to Ashley Tisdale Source, tisdalesource.com your most complete source for all things related to the american actress, singer/songwriter, voice actor and blogger Ashley Tisdale. Ashley is most known for her roles as Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical franchise, Candace Flynn in Phineas & Ferb and recently as Jenny Kenney in Carol's Second Act. We aim to provide you all the latest news about the american actress. Remember to stop by to stay updated at any time.

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Posted on June 19, 2021 / by Sarah in Photoshoots

Ashley’s feeding us with content these days. We get many adorable moments with Juju, we get many photos from her home and now we also got some photoshoot pictures of Ashley by Adrian Martin. I, for my part, love these shoots of Ashley at her home. Do you, too?

002~3965.jpg 001~4334.jpg   

Posted on June 13, 2021 / by Sarah in Appearances, Candids, Gallery Update, Photoshoots

I’ve got what you’ve been waiting for: more exclusive pictures of Ashley from the past years. This time I began with 2018 and added even more photos from 2017. By clicking on the pictures you get directed to the folder, where brand new exclusives were added. The links below the pictures guides you through the whole year and occasion.

010~2282.jpg 113~132.jpg 049~477.jpg 011~2148.jpg 012~2014.jpg

114~130.jpg 078~248.jpg 080~238.jpg 074~262.jpg 052~439.jpg
026~1038.jpg 031~834.jpg 044~544.jpg 013~1894.jpg 127~115.jpg
068~295.jpg 026~1039.jpg 050~460.jpg 008~2587.jpg 035~739.jpg
Posted on June 06, 2021 / by Sarah in Appearances, Candids, Gallery Update, Photoshoots

Let’s fresh’n up the gallery. I’m happy to share some exclusive photos – some brand new, some better qualities replaced lower ones – with you guys. Let’s begin with some more recent photos, starting with 2019.

 005~3164.jpg 006~2959.jpg 012~2012.jpg 002~3958.jpg 004~3406.jpg

019~1411.jpg 025~1087.jpg 002~3960.jpg 018~1486.jpg 034~758.jpg

Then I was able to add a few photos of our young little actress from 2005, attending various events. To the time High School Musical was released in 2006 and all those following events.

054~409.jpg 005~723.jpg 007~2762.jpg 007~635.jpg 005~746.jpg

045~531.jpg 047~502.jpg 006~2963.jpg 034~759.jpg 028~942.jpg

064~322.jpg 003~480.jpg 002~980.jpg 024~1133.jpg 065~319.jpg

Posted on June 04, 2021 / by Sarah in Candids, Gallery Update, House of Ashes, Instagram, Miscs

Welcome back! It was honestly about time to finally update the theme with something new and special. The brand new theme was designed by Cherry Gem Design and the header was edited by myself (Sarah) – tho I used CGD’s header as my base. The sidebar was made a little short with only the recent projects of Ashley being a part of it (bye bye 2020). The logo on top and at the bottom of the site were created by me. Please don’t take any images provided as theme, since I worked on these things.

Besides the new layout on the website there have been a few other things. The gallery layout has also changed to match the theme right here and I have added the recent candids, project photos and social media posts into the gallery for you to enjoy.

047~501.jpg 048~488.jpg 003~3651.jpg 001~4312.jpg 004~3389.jpg

057~381.jpg 021~1285.jpg 001~4315.jpg 002~3946.jpg 003~3656.jpg
014~1788.jpg 001~4319.jpg 003~3659.jpg 005~3161.jpg 009~2421.jpg
100~165.jpg 002~3953.jpg 003~90.png 002~3956.jpg 002~3955.jpg
Posted on March 13, 2021 / by Sarah in Candids

Ashley, and her still growing baby bump, was seen grabbing a smoothie in Beverly Hills on Thursday (March 10) while staying comfortable. We’re all waiting for her due date like crazy!

003~3648.jpg 001~4310.jpg 006~2949.jpg 011~2140.jpg 014~1785.jpg

001~4311.jpg 002~3941.jpg 003~3649.jpg 004~3388.jpg 005~3154.jpg

Posted on March 10, 2021 / by Sarah in Candids

All cozy, yet careful and wearing a mask Ashley was seen waiting in her doorway as some trash was picked up from her property on Tuesday (March 9).

003~3647.jpg 001~4309.jpg 005~3152.jpg 008~2573.jpg 015~1695.jpg

Posted on March 07, 2021 / by Sarah in Candids

A very pregnant Ashley and her mom Lisa were seen out for lunch in Los Angeles on Saturday (March 6).

001~4307.jpg 004~3385.jpg 008~2572.jpg 015~1694.jpg 024~1128.jpg

001~4308.jpg 002~3938.jpg   

Posted on February 28, 2021 / by Sarah in Candids

On Saturday (February 27) Ashley was seen on a coffee run in Los Feliz, wearing a beautiful long white dress which still showed off her still growing baby bump. Tho she didn’t feel too well in the morning as she shared via Instagram Stories it was nice to see her glowing out and about.

002~3935.jpg 003~3644.jpg 005~3149.jpg 004~3383.jpg 006~2945.jpg

002~3936.jpg 003~3645.jpg 009~2413.jpg 012~2003.jpg 016~1608.jpg

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