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November 01, 2020  admin Comments are off Article, House of Ashes, Video

Those that managed to unlock the secret ending for The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan unlocked a teaser trailer for Dark Pictures: Little Hope, and now the same has happened for the third game in Supermassive’s horror anthology series. Thanks to the secret teaser trailer, The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes has been confirmed to be the third game in the series, currently slated to launch at some point in 2021.

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes appears to be set in a desert, with the characters exploring a dark cave system. Unlike the protagonists of Man of Medan and Little Hope, it appears the characters in House of Ashes will be better-equipped to fight off whatever is coming after them, as the trailer shows machineguns. Other than that, it’s difficult to determine what exactly The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes will be about, but fans should learn more next year.

Each game in The Dark Pictures series has featured a Hollywood actor, who also appears on the cover. Man of Medan featured Shawn Ashmore, and the newly-released Little Hope featured Will Poulter. Now it appears as though The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes will star High School Musical‘s Ashley Tisdale, though that has yet to be confirmed. If the actress seen in the teaser trailer isn’t Ashley Tisdale, it’s someone who looks exactly like her.

The only other piece of information fans can glean about The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes is that it could very well be the final game in the series. When players finish The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, The Curator says that he will see the players “at least one more time.” He also hints at The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes‘ setting, suggesting that they will meet again in an Arabian desert.

Based on the release dates for The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan and Little Hope, fans should be able to expect The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes to drop in either the summer or fall of 2021. It would make sense to try releasing the game near Halloween again, as that seems to be when the public is most interested in horror experiences.

When The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes does launch, it will be interesting to see if it addresses some of the complaints directed at the first two games in the series. Little Hope reviews have been mixed, as were the reviews for Man of Medan, with neither game meeting the high bar set by Until Dawn. Maybe with The Dark Pictures anthology series, the third time’s the charm.

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes will launch in 2021 for unspecified platforms.

Source: Game Rant

October 28, 2020  admin Comments are off Candids

A few days ago (October 21) Ashley, Chris and their puppies were seen at a pumpkin festival in Los Angeles, with their dogs dressed as a pumpkin. Last night (October 27) Ashley was seen leaving The Great Boutique in West Hollywood solo.

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October 17, 2020  admin Comments are off Candids

Even in tough times and being pregnant you gotta work. Tho it’s not sure what project Ashley is currently working on it’s for sure she arrived safe and in style at a studio in Hollywood on Friday (October 16).

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October 16, 2020  admin Comments are off Instagram

I’ve been wondering if we should share the gender with all of you. As you know I like to keep as much as I can close to my heart but I’m so excited maybe I should” is how Ashley asked us all if we’d like to know the gender of Baby French. And you can guess the answer we all gave. 

This year has obviously been hard. For so many. Ups and downs, and an emotional roller coaster. I think this day was by far my favorite day EVER! I cried I was so happy. Ps for all you people going above and beyond for gender reveal parties. A cake with the color inside is JUST as rewarding as fireworks but SAFER! #SheSoFrench

Can’t wait to meet her in about five months. Congrats mommy and daddy French.

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October 12, 2020  admin Comments are off Instagram

About a month ago Ashley and Chris announced their pregnancy. Today Ashley shared an adorable photo on her social media handles, commenting “Four months 🤰“. So adorable! We can’t wait for Baby French.


October 08, 2020  admin Comments are off Candids

Ashley was seen visiting her parents (October 07) with a mysterious box she had with her. She brought something from her home to her parents home. Aynway, it’s always good to see Ashley being safe with a mask. You should also remeber to wear a mask and wash your hands regularly.

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October 07, 2020  admin Comments are off Candids

Ashley, wearing a yellow smiley pullover, and her adorable puppy Sushi Sue were seen leaving their home in Los Angeles (October 04). In an Instagram Stories video Ashley shared how excited her pup was to go for a walk, and it was more than adorable to watch.

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It’s crazy time and I do know many people are happy to see ATS back, some are not as amused but that’s fine as well. I’m just all glad to be back with this fansite since I’ve missed it and working on it. I hope some people are happy to see this site back and that we can work together on this amazing site as well.

A huge shout out goes out to my friends and their amazing Twitter fan account dedicated to Ashley, who are updating you on all the latest news of Ashley. My Twitter account is currently locked but I’ll figure a way out to provide you news on Twitter as well. Until then (and furthermore) follow @TisdalesDaily for your daily dose of Ashley news. I adore them 😍

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