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Every year I am overwhelmed to see how fast July comes by, and every year I am overwhelmed by the love Ashley gets from her family, friends and fans. Especially this year she deserves more love and support than ever, tho this counts for almost every year but you guys know why I’m saying this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY! 34 has never looked better and I hope, once I reach that age (in 10 years) I’ll be as wise, strong, beautiful and fun like you girl. Here’s a little birthday message from me for you, Ashley:

Ashley, look how far we’ve come. Especially you of course. I remember when I first watched The Suite Life and proudly told my mom about a smart and beautiful blonde, someone I look up to. You are so unproblematic, so down to earth and simply to amazing. How could I possibly not stan you? I’m here for 14 years, the site is now in it’s 3rd year as well and times flies so fast. I remember being the biggest Sharpay supporter, I remember going to the movies to see Scary Movie V, I remember re-watching Aliens in the Attic and Picture This! every day with my sister. I remember when my mom got me There’s Something About Ashley and Headstrong, I totally remember taking a 13,7km bike ride to get Guilty Pleasure the day it was released, just to hold it and jam to your music. I remember doing mixtapes with all your songs from your albums, the DeGree Girl EP, High School Musical, even Phineas and Ferb and of course The Suite Life. My mom has always bought every magazine you were on, got me all your music and movies. I got a blanket, a cup, and even a little box where I keep my medication in now with your face on it. I haven’t met you yet, but honestly, just knowing you know this site and the support I give you makes me the happiest ever. Thanks to you I found a hair color (brown) I love myself with. With Symptoms you only made me even stronger and made my therapist say I chose the right person to look up to. In last years post I thanked you for being such a honest person and letting us in, even in the hardest days and right now I can just repeat it. I admire how strong, wise, beautiful, smart and fun you are. You surround yourself with people who are good for you, you never let anybody take you down. You talk about things most people wouldn’t even dare mentioning which makes you such a strong, independent and admirable woman. We need more women like you, standing up for what we believe in. That’s what you taught me, believing in the good, in myself and in things turning out fine even when life get’s hard sometimes. I met my best friend through you (and Vanessa) and even for that I can’t thank you enough. Ashley, have an amazing day and get spoiled. You deserve it! You deserve the best and knowing you’re in such wonderful hands (your family and your amazing husband) makes me relax ’cause I know nothing bad can ever get you down. We love you so much. Enjoy your very special day. Let’s have a glass of rosé to celebrate you 🥂

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We’re in love with the shape of Ashley 😉 On Saturday (June 8) Ashley was seen leaving Shape House in Studio City before hosting a dinner for her Merry Happy Whatever cast & crew.

001~3719.jpg 002~3416.jpg 003~3166.jpg 004~2946.jpg 005~2744.jpg

2061889229483755838_14734199.jpg 2061928443197798653_14734199.jpg 2062566197732645433_14734199.jpg 2062580623571602710_14734199.jpg 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our Twitter account was suspended and I am currently giving my best to it back. I have contact Twitter but until the account is back on track there’s a new/backup account. Follow @Tisdale_Source to stay updated on Twitter. Spreading and sharing would be appreciated.

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Ashley’s beautiful husband Christopher French celebrates his birthday today. Let’s show him some love like Ashley did:

Happy birthday my love @cmfrench. I am so grateful you came into the world today! You’re the most patient, supportive, understanding, and loving man. I’m so proud to call you my husband! I’m also so proud of the work you’ve done this year, you set out your goals and are killing it! Maui and I love you so much. #happybirthdayFrench

135~91.jpg 136~91.jpg 137~88.jpg 138~86.jpg 139~85.jpg 

Let’s tweet #happybirthdayFrench with some wonderful birthday messages for Ashley’s amazing husband. Here’s mine:

Dear Christopher, Chris, French,
you’ve got so many names people are calling you so I decided to write down some of them. I have actually been a fan of your music after I found out you’re with Ashley. I started listening to Annie Automatic right away and your songs still rock my playlist til today. Your talent is undeniable, your charm is a blessing. You’ve been there for my idol for so many years now and you’re more than just a man by a woman’s side. You’re her rock, her everything, her lifesaver, her world, her inspiration, her calm, her soulmate. I have never seen Ashley happier than with you and you have no idea how happy this makes me. I’d like to take the chance and thank you for being who you are, for being there for the person who has saved me from so many studpid thoughts and actions, for being here for the person who did save my life. Your music got me hooked and I still play it to friends who enjoy rock music and they’re like “Wow, who dis?” and I literally make them download your music. Sorry not sorry. Even got my boyfriend hooked. Now, quit reading this stupid lame text and start celebrating yourself ’cause that’s what you deserve Mister. Have an amazing birthday, surround yourself with the ones you love the most and enjoy this special day of yours. Lots of love from me (Sarah) and all Tizzies out there 🎉🍻

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On January 27, 2017 Ashley Tisdale Source went online as ashley-michelletisdale.flaunt.nu. Thanks to my dear friend Sushi (visit her Iskra/Chrissy site) this while site started off at first. Without her help this site wouldn’t have ever been started. So, two years later, I must say keeping this site alive was one of the greatest things I have don the past years. I don’t just enjoy supporting Ashley and updating Tizzies on all the latest news, but also I love being creative on this site. The gallery now holds +244,000 photos (with +1,174,000 views) and it keeps growing every single day. Without the daily support of all of you over Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and any other way this site wouldn’t still be online anymore. I can’t thank every single one of you enough for being kind enough to let me do what I love. Also here’s a little special message for Ashley (even though she may never see this).

Dear Ashley,

two years ago this website about you went online and it was the greatest decision ever taken by me. I support you since the first time I saw you on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody on Disney Channel (which was about 14 years ago) and my love and support continues til this day. Especially in the last two years you have helped me through lots of terrible days, mostly with your inspirational presence and of course with Voices In My Head and Love Me And Let Me Go. Without you knowing me in person you have still helped me through the darkest times so far. I have no idea how to ever thank you enough for all the wonderful things you’ve done for me but I hope this website gives you back all the support and love you need and deserve. Here’s to many more years. 🥂

Once more, thank you to everybody who supports this site by visiting, following and sharing content. You’re amazing!

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To celebrate the release of Ashley’s upcoming studio album Symptoms we decided to create a brand new Twitter layout. It’s a little more fall-ish and we heop you ejoy it! Remember to follow us on Twitter (@atisdalesource) to stay updated on Ashley’s life.

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It was quiet about time to give the website a brand new look. A huge thank you goes out to Umitohoshi for the lovely new design. I also hope everybody visiting the site enjoys the new summerlicous theme. A few more things will be added to the sidebar soon. Stay tuned.

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Recently Ashley had an official taping of Pandas in New York in Los Angeles. She was photographed on set, also she was seen during a tabel read and a dinner with the cast.

002~2726.jpg 003~2527.jpg 004~2352.jpg 005~2190.jpg

Also we got a new/old photo of Ashley and Chris in Los Angeles (talen recently).


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On April 23rd it was Ashley’s husband’s birthday, and we’d like to send out belated birthday wishes to Mr. French! The team of Ashley Tisdale Source hopes you had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed the day with your loved ones. Also we’d love to share Ashley’s heartwarming birthday message for her husband:

I am so thankful and grateful you were born today. Maui and I love you so much and I couldn’t imagine my life with out you. Besides being a great husband, you are humble, talented, always there if someone needs you, and such a great Listener. Your presence and soul is beautiful. I love you. Happy birthday baby

I_am_so_thankful_and_grateful_you_were_born_today__Maui_and_I_love_you_so_much_and_I_couldn27t_imagine_my_life_with_out_you___28229.jpg I_am_so_thankful_and_grateful_you_were_born_today__Maui_and_I_love_you_so_much_and_I_couldn27t_imagine_my_life_with_out_you___28329.jpg I_am_so_thankful_and_grateful_you_were_born_today__Maui_and_I_love_you_so_much_and_I_couldn27t_imagine_my_life_with_out_you___28429.jpg I_am_so_thankful_and_grateful_you_were_born_today__Maui_and_I_love_you_so_much_and_I_couldn27t_imagine_my_life_with_out_you___28529.jpg

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