Apply For Affiliates

Would you like to become affiliates with Ashley Tisdale Source? Simply send a mail to with all of the information below. We’ll get back to you as soon as you’ve been approved as affiliates.


  • Add Ashley Tisdale Source to your affiliates as well 
    If you haven’t add us back within a week you’ll be deleted from the affiliates section
  • You must own a fansite
    Edit blogs are also accepted, but personal blogs or promotional websites aren’t
  • You must update your website at least twice a week
    You will be removed from the affiliates section once you’re inactive for more than two weeks
  • Domains and subdomains are accepted
    Even Tumblr fansites will be accepted, fansites on social media only won’t be accepted
  • All languages (not just English sites) are accepted
    Even sites that are in French, Spanish or any other language can apply
  • You can apply with as many sites as you want
    … as long as you also add us back as in rule number one
  • Ashley Tisdale blogs are welcomed to apply as affiliates
    We’re all in this together, right?
  • Got a prefered image you want us to use?
    Attach it to your mail, but please leave it unedited
  • Blogs with hateful or pornographic content are prohibited


  • Your Name:
  • Your Site Name:
  • Your Site URL:
  • Who is your blog about:
  • Are you updating at least twice a week:
  • Got any social media pages we could follow:
  • Other information you’d like to share:

Send the information above to or send it via Twitter DM @atisdalesource.  We’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve checked your submission. Thank you for applying to become affilates with us.