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‘Voices In My Head’ Out Now!

The time has finally come: Ashley’s new song Voices In My Head is finally available for all of us! You can purchase it on iTunes and Google Play ($1.29) or stream it on Spotify. To get us all in the sing-along mood Ashley published the official lyric video on her YouTube channel as well. The official music video will be up by next week she shared via Twitter.

On Wednesday (November 7th) Ashley attended the Soda Says Celebrates US Launch in Los Angeles, California. She also visited Spotify to talk about the new single. So many exciting things happening and so glad to keep you all updated. Keep checking in on our website, this post will be edited once we get more photos of Ashley promoting the song today!

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Besides promoting her new single Ashley visited Allure Magazine a little while back to film a “[…] tried 9 things she’s never done before”.




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