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                  Fashion Go’s Opening Night Happy Hour in Las Vegas

Yesterday was a rather special Tizzie Tuesday for us. Ashley performed songs from the upcoming album Symptoms at Fashion Go’s Opening Night Happy Hour in Las Vegas, Nevada. Via Instagram Stories she shared photos and videos, and also the news of herself being super nervous pre-show. Let’s face it: she did so well! We’re proud of you Ashley. Find lots of videos on our YouTube channel.

001~3509.jpg 002~3215.jpg 003~2975.jpg 004~2764.jpg

004~2763.jpg 006~2405.jpg 012~1672.jpg 015~1426.jpg

1972752361921138844_14734199.jpg 1972753397083795821_14734199.jpg 1972890630843345787_14734199.jpg 1973443471442036404_14734199.jpg

A few days ago Ashley threw a big launch party for the Illuminate Cosmetics Glow Up palettes. There are 28 HQs from the photobooth in the gallery.

003~2973.jpg 011~1781.jpg 019~1184.jpg 022~1038.jpg



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                  Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

After 11 years Ashley hit the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade as singer once again. She performed her new single ‘Voices In My Head‘ during the parade.

002~3058.jpg 004~2627.jpg 011~1697.jpg 012~1592.jpg

043~466.jpg 003~2826.jpg 004~2628.jpg 008~2011.jpg

1918263859846320928_14734199.jpg 1918359130030852888_14734199.jpg  



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                  Out and about in Tribeca / Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Rehearsal

On Wednesday (November 21st) Ashley was seen out and about in Tribeca with her husband. Afterwards she headed to rehearse for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

002~3057.jpg 003~2824.jpg 010~1791.jpg 019~1131.jpg

1917702069626433689_14734199.jpg 1917703562404385613_14734199.jpg 1917730770133120890_14734199.jpg 


Via Instagram Ashley shared a heartwarming Thanksgiving message:

Thankful for these two! ❤️ What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻





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