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‘Voices In My Head’ Special Fan Project

Tomorrow (November 8th) Ashley’s brand new single Voices In My Head will be released and Ashley Tisdale Source is here to set up a very special fan project for the release and Ashley, but we need your help. To celebrate the release of Ashley’s brand new song we’d like to share a lip syncing video of all Tizzies lip syncing Voices In My Head. The song drops at midnight and you can listen to it on Spotify or Apple Music or purchase it on iTunes. Would you like to join this project for Ashley?


Listen to Voices In My Head any way you prefer and record yourself lip syncing your favorite part (or in general the song). Share the video with the team of Ashley Tisdale Source on either Twitter (tweet the part to atisdalesource), on Instagram (post the part and tag atisdalsource) or send the video via E-Mail (send a mail to, either send the video or upload it somewhere – YouTube would be the greatest idea in this case – and send me the link). Since I want to include the people who made the video – once again, you – I would need your name, age and social media handles (if you want to share them), maybe even the country you’re from to show Ashley how many people have made this for her. Please include these information in your comment, tweet, description or mail.


I will give my best to cut together clips of everyone who entered – including myself – and put Ashley’s song in the background so it seems like we are all singing along to Ashley’s brand new masterpiece. In the end there should be a fan video in the length of the song of Tizzies celebrating Ashley’s new song. In the end I would want to add a little promotion for Ashley’s all new song, where to get it and surely I will share it on here and all social media sites so you can share it with everybody (also Ashley please) too.

Feel free to share this project with your friends and followers, on all social media platforms as well. The more Tizzies we get to enter, the greater the video will be. Please do not tag Ashley in any posts about this project yet. I would want the video to be a surprise for her. So once the video is finished (I may manage to do so on Friday, depending on how many people join) I will share the link on this website and the Ashley Tisdale Source Twitter to people can share the link with Ashley via Twitter and Instagram. Let’s surprise her!

About the deadline: the faster you enter (since the song is out in Australia and Japan for example – you can do your video already and share it) the better it’ll be. If I don’t get enough people together I may have to do the video all by myself – which would be sad. Right now I just hope some of you may enter so we can get this project done by tomorrow, the release day, otherwise I’d like to have the video done by Friday or Saturday.

Thank you in advance if you’re sharing this project or even take place in it. Don’t forgot to buy Voices In My Head tomorrow and to also stream the song.

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