2009 – “Believe ☆☆” | Ashley got this tattoo in 2009 on her back, explaining her mother always told her to believe.

2011 – “Fearless in feathers“| In 2011 Ashley got this fearless tattoo surrounded by feathers on her wrist. In 2018 she said she regrets this tattoo.

2011 – “Jamais Seule” | Also in 2011 Ashley got Jamais Seule (engl.: never alone) written on her right foot. Her friend Vanessa Hudgens went to If Tattooing with her and got a tattoo herself.

2012 – “” | In 2012 Ashley got a star right above her fearless tattoo on her arm.

2013 – “Everything happens for a reason in Sanskrit” | At the Safe Haven premiere in May Ashley showed off her new sanskrit written tattoo.

2015 – “” | Ashley and her husband Christopher French got these matching tattoos to show the world they love each other to infinity.

2018 – “🦋” | In September 2018 during her New York trip Ashley got her long wanted butterfly tattoo on her arm.

2019 – “Maui” |  On June 24, 2019 Ashley got the name of her furry baby Maui, who passed away prior tattooed on her arm.