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Remembering Maui

A few days back Ashley shared on social media “I need time” and everyone was thinking about what may have happened. Today she revealed that her beautiful dog Maui, who has been in all of our lives for such a long time, has sadly passed away. Maui was more than a dog to Ashley. Through good and bad Maui was there to help Ashley through it all. She was like a baby, a best friend and a soulmate. The team of Ashley Tisdale Source sends out all the loves and prayers to Ashley, Chris and their families. This loss is tragic and we’re devasted to hear. Via Instagram Ashley shared:

I don’t even know how to say this. This pain is the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Maui was my soulmate, the connection was unlike any other. She didn’t care who I was and what I did, she just loved me unconditionally. @cmfrench and I knew with Maui she wasn’t just a dog she was something special. She had the purest soul. I know dogs don’t live as long as we do but why not? I wanted more time with her. I wasn’t ready for this and now I’m broken. I will miss you every single day of my life Maui, I will never forget how much joy and love you brought to me and @cmfrench. I can’t stop crying but hopefully in time that will heal but know you are always a part of me and one day we will be together again. My angel. My heart #Maui

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A little while back lots of new and old photos of Maui were added to the gallery. Enjoy these amazing shots shared by Ashley, family and friends over the past years. #WeLoveYouMaui #RIPMaui

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