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Working out at Rise Movement

Working out at Rise Movement

Ashley ain’t playing with us. She hit the gym in West Hollywood yesterday (March 6, 2017) and as always she looked fabulous!

001~1407.jpg 003~1171.jpg 006~907.jpg 008~802.jpg

002~1278.jpg 005~988.jpg 010~718.jpg 011~674.jpg

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Social Media & Upcoming Tizzie Tuesday

Social Media & Upcoming Tizzie Tuesday

It has been a little quiet the past days and I’m sorry for that. Now there’s an update to share: the upcoming Tizzie Tuesday will be a new music session! Any guesses?



___~2.PNG Poser__.PNG As_if_.PNG I2C_like2C_LOVE_you___.PNG


03_06_28129.jpg 03_06_28229.jpg 03_06_28329.jpg 


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Leaving Nobu Restraunt | Snapchat kinda day

Leaving Nobu Restraunt | Snapchat kinda day

Ashley had lots of fun annoying her assistant at work yesterday (March 3, 2017). She shared everything she did on her Snapchat and it was lots of fun. Besides that I’m happy to share candids of Ashley and her husband Christopher French leaving Nobu restaurant in West Hollywood on March 2, 2017.

001~1314.jpg 002~1193.jpg 003~1091.jpg 004~991.jpg

___BrigitteBardot.PNG Nudes___neutrals__What27s_your_go-to_look.PNG Cheesin27____.PNG Love_yourself_first___RupiKaur.PNG

03_02_28129.jpg 03_02_28229.jpg 03_03_28129.jpg 03_03_28429.JPG


Believing_in_yourself_is_the_first_step_.png Move_n_groove_baby_.png  


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Out and about in Los Angeles

Out and about in Los Angeles

So many great things to post! Ashley has first listened to the song she recorded along with Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato for their upcoming movie ‘Charming’ for the first time. We’re excited to finally listen to it! Besides that Ashley was out and about in Los Angeles (March 1, 2017) looking fab.

001~1238.jpg 004~913.jpg 008~672.jpg 013~490.jpg

Don27t_let_anyone_tell_you_different____MelissaEtheridge.PNG That_little_face_though21__Maui.PNG  


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Tizzie Tuesday: Red Carpet 2017 Makeup Tutorial

Tizzie Tuesday: Red Carpet 2017 Makeup Tutorial

It’s Tizzie Tuesday, finally! Even tho the video went online later than the other TT’s the past months I’m glad to share Ashley’s amazing Red Carpet 2017 Makeup Tutorial video with you. She’s recreating the makeup she wore on Sunday during the annual Oscar viewing party.

This video is sponsored by Sephora! Hey Guys!! Last week, I got the amazing opportunity to attend EJAF’s Academy Awards Viewing Party! In this video, I’m re-creating my red carpet makeup look using Sephora luxury brand products! #iconicbysephora



RCMT006.png RCMT097.png RCMT163.png RCMT227.png



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Ashley Tisdale dealt with Twitter body-shamers with intelligence and grace – but she shouldn’t have to

Ashley Tisdale dealt with Twitter body-shamers with intelligence and grace – but she shouldn’t have to

Icase you ever wonder whether or not you should message an actor to ask her if she’s sick or pregnant after you see a photo of her that concerns you, let us help you out for a second: Don’t.

And Ashley Tisdale sent fans this message loud and clear on Monday after (gorgeous) photos of the 31-year-old actress enjoying Elton John’s Oscar party hit the internet. Apparently, the below image was enough to leave some fans concerned that Tisdale is not okay, so they messaged her to ask her if she is expecting.

This is not a joke.

“The pressure to being perfect is a struggle,” Tisdale tweeted in response, because of course the celebrities you send rude, body-shaming messages to are actual human beings who read that crap.

No I’m not pregnant, I’m just happy and haven’t been strict on my diet but thanks for the reminder.”

One of the fans who made a “pregnant” comment quickly apologized, but still — can we all collectively make an effort to stop commenting on actresses’ bodies, both in person and on the internet, in 2017?

As someone who A) is the same age as Tisdale and B) also tends to gain a few lbs when she’s happy then shed them as soon as she’s stressed, I totally get what Tisdale is talking about. But I don’t have to explain my small weight fluctuations to strangers on the internet, because I never starred in High School Musical. (ASIDE: This is the first time in my life I’ve felt happy about the fact that I didn’t star in High School Musical. That movie is a gift.)

The body-shaming conversation has been going on for years now, and it’s honestly getting exhausting. I’m sure Tisdale’s fans meant no harm, and I’m grateful that she spoke out on how tough it is to maintain a Hollywood figure — but I’m also angry for her that she had to. Can’t we let this smart, gorgeous, funny, talented, happily married woman show up to a party without reminding her that her body is a commodity? Can’t we let famous women eat human foods made for human people without asking them if they’re pregnant?

Apparently not yet, but as more women like Tisdale speak out, I’m hopeful for a better, happier, slightly fuller-figured tomorrow.

[Source: HelloGiggles]

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New/Old Photoshoot | Social Media Update

New/Old Photoshoot | Social Media Update

Ashley’s been really busy the past days, but luckily she found some time to share a couple of pictures and videos via her social media sites. Today’s Tizzie Tuesday by the way, are you excited?

005~5.PNG Tuesday_mornings_.PNG  




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25th Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party

25th Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party

It’s the time of year when tons of celebrities meet up to watch the Oscars together at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, and last night (February 26, 2017) it was that time again. Surely Ashley and her husband attended the amazing party in West Hollywood, California.

014~460.jpg 016~413.jpg 011~558.jpg 009~631.jpg

007~4.PNG 007~5.PNG  

069~65.jpg 070~63.jpg  

Breakfast_in_bed_Yes_please____DVF.PNG So_fun_to_be_here_again21_Recreating_this_look_for_you_this_week_with__sephora2C_keep_an_eye_out__EJAF25__iconicbysephora__ad.PNG  

02_26_28329.jpg 02_26_28429.jpg 02_26_28529.jpg 

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