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Music Sessions: Volume 1

Ashley shared some exiciting news with us! Today her new EP Music Sessions: Volume 1 dropped on iTunes and Spotify! The EP contains:

  1. Issues (feat. Chris French)
  2. Don’t Let Me Down
  3. Shup up and Dance (feat. Chris French)
  4. Stay
  5. Toxic (feat. Chris French)


Purchase the EP on iTunes for $4.99 – or $9.99 each – or listen to it on Spotify – either for free by signing up with your mail or Facebook or by purchasing a membership (prices are up on Spotify’s website).


015~1207.jpg 016~1146.jpg  


_TBT_to_baby_Ashley_in_Donnie_Darko_______my_husband_has_no_idea_who_he_married____.jpg It27s_here212121_This_is_for_you_guys2121_Thank_you_for_all_your_support_on_Music_Sessions2C_you_all_have_been_asking_for_some_of_the_songs_so__cmfrench_and_I_put_together_an_EP_.jpg  


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