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Meet Ziggy Stardust French

⚡️⚡️Meet Ziggy ⚡️⚡️ Queen of Rock n roll! Our newest family member. There will never be another Maui but I’m glad my heart was open enough to give some love to a new dog, because every dog needs a home ❤️

Welcome to the family, Ziggy Stardust French! Ashley and Chris were able to open their hearts and home to a brand new dog with a brand new personality. Both love dogs and I’m pretty sure they’ll be amazing dog parents to Ziggy. On Instagram you can follow Ziggy (@ziggystardurstfrench) to always stay updated.

Please note: Ziggy is not here to replace Maui, to make Ashley and Chris forget Maui or anything. She’s a brand new personality, a new addition. Give Ziggy a fair chance like you gave Blondie and Maui as well. She deserves it. Do not spam Ashley and Chris’ accounts with comments about “replacing Maui”. It’s disrespectful and unfair towards everyone involved, including Maui and Ziggy. Thank you.

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