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Pre-Save/Order Symptoms

Pre-Save/Order Symptoms

Just a few days back someone asked me via Twitter when we’ll be able to pre-save/order Ashley’s third studio album Symptoms. Then I didn’t know, now I do.  You can pre-order this personal piece of Ashley NOW (click here) and remember to spread the word about Ashley’s upcoming album. She also shared the tracklist via Instagram Stories:

  1. Symptoms
  2. Looking Glass
  3. Love Me & Let Me
  4. Insomnia
  5. Vibrations
  6. Under Pressure
  7. True Romance
  8. Voices In My Head
  9. Feeling So Good

Besides Ashley started spring cleaning her closet and is now selling a few of her items on Depop. Visit the shop here and find lots of photos from Ashley’s items in the gallery.

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Kim Hidalgo’s Bridal Shower

Kim Hidalgo’s Bridal Shower

Ashley’s good friend Kim Hidalgo is getting married to actor Brand Daughtry. Yesterday (April 6) Ashley attended the Bridal Shower alongside their friends such as Vanessa Hudgens and Sarah Hyland. So cute! Can’t wait for their wedding.

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From the Blushington x Illuminate Cosmetics event (April 5) we’ve got some new shots for you.

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Blushington x Illuminate Cosmetics celebrate Best Buddies

Blushington x Illuminate Cosmetics celebrate Best Buddies

After the collaboration with BH Cosmetics and Illuminate Cosmetics ended, Ashley hit up with Blushington to work with them. Both now celebrated Best Buddies 30th anniversary at the Blushington store in West Hollywood, California on Thursday (April 4). About Best Buddies:

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. It consists of volunteers that create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The program’s main purpose is to allow volunteers to be paired up with a buddy with an intellectual and developmental disability and provide them with a friend or a mentor. Best Buddies is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Source: Wikipedia

It makes us more than proud to see Ashley working with amazing charities like Best Buddies, especially in the past years. Ashley is known for her wonderful personality, kindess and inspirational actions and we’re glad to say we stan the right woman.  Via Instagram Ashley shared:

Had so much celebrating @bestbuddies 30th anniversary @blushington. Got to share my @illuminatecosmetics products and get to know some amazing people. This is why I love what I do! #prettyforall #blushingtonxbestbuddies

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