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                  ‘Glow Up’ Launch at World on Wheels in Los Angeles

Is there any cooler way to celebrate the launch of the new Illuminate Cosmetics and the Glow Up palettes than inviting friends to World On Wheels in Los Angeles? Right?! So jealous we couldn’t attend, but there are plenty of photos in the gallery and tons of videos on Twitter to find. Enjoy! Remember to purchase the palette here.

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                  “Love Me or Let Me Go” Release

Ashley told us via the Symptoms‘ Instagram account that there’s an announcement coming. And on Tizzie Tuesday it arrived. Ashley’s new single Love Me & Let Me Go will be released on January 25th. Basically Ashley posted a new Nick Walker photo from the Symptoms album shoot with the caption “Love me or let me go. 1.25.18” (of course she meant 2019 😉). Are you ready for the new single?




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                  Z100’s Jingle Ball

It’s that time of year again: Jingle Ball time! Ashley attended the Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York City, New York on Friday (December 7th). She also presented on stage. Fun fact: Ashley tweeted she worked on her makeup all by herself in just 20 minutes. SO BEAUTIFUL!

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                  Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

After 11 years Ashley hit the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade as singer once again. She performed her new single ‘Voices In My Head‘ during the parade.

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                  ‘Voices In My Head’ Music Video

It’s finally here! The official music video for Ashley’s new song Voices In My Head is out now. Enjoy this masterpiece. Screen captures for icons, headers and posts have been added to the gallery 😉

0043~63.png 0074~58.png 0157~48.png 0192~50.png

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                  New York Promotional Tour Day 2

Another day in New York, another day to promote Voices In My Head. Ashley visited SiriusXM, AOL’s BUILD Series and TRL to talk about her new music. Besides that photos of Ashley on GMA Day from Monday (November 12th) were also added.





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                  Meeting fans at Blushington in West Hollywood

Ashley’s beauty range has launched at Blushington and Ashley herself paid a visit on Sunday (October 22nd).

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                  Today’s “My Pet Tale”

In the inaugural episode of “My Pet Tale,” where celebrities share how their pets have shaped their lives and become lovable, important members of the family, Ashley Tisdale describes her special bond with Maui, her Maltipoo.

The actress and singer often brings Maui wherever life takes her. Maui is a veteran on-set, where she’s always calm, cool and collected.

“A director once said that she knows what ‘cut’ means, and she actually does, which is crazy,” Tisdale told TODAY.

However, Maui does get nervous sometimes. She’s battled anxiety as she’s gotten older and Tisdale says different remedies haven’t worked to calm her down. Tisdale has partnered with Happy Hempies, a nutritional supplement for dogs, because she says it is what helps Maui stay at ease.

“Happy Hempies is just so amazing, because it’s like giving her a treat, which also kind of takes her out of the moment of what she’s, like, freaking out about,” she said. “It just not only calms her, but it calms me, knowing that I have it for her.”

Tisdale says Maui is her “soul mate” and that’s why she wants her to remain happy and healthy. “She’s just been there for me, through the good times, the hard times. Definitely through my 20s, she helped get me through it, with all those, you know, lovely exes and dating.”

And Maui is, of course, the best listener. “She’s just like the best thing to talk to, and she doesn’t cut you off, so it’s really nice.”

She says Maui has made her life so much better. “I always wanted a dog since I was young, and I always was working from a young age, so I just really didn’t have time to have a dog. And so, she just made all my dog dreams come true.”

Source: Today

In the interview Ashley showed a few private photos of Maui (and also herself and Maui). A brand new/old rare photo of both can be found in the gallery. Also a few other new/old photos of Maui were added.

257.png 258.png 259.png 260.png



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