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Merry Happy Whatever Wrap Party

Merry Happy Whatever Wrap Party

That’s a wrap! Last night Ashley and her Merry Happy Whatever costars wrapped on the series. 8 episodes will be available in November 2019 exclusively on Netflix. To get you in the Christmas mood in late July we’re glad to share 3 episode titles with you:

  • Episode 1: Welcome Matt
  • Episode 7: Christmas Break
  • Episode 8: Ring In The New Year (Season Finale)

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Also a new photobooth picture from Kim Daugherty’s wedding was added.


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That’s a wrap on Merry Happy Whatever

That’s a wrap on Merry Happy Whatever

Today is the last day on set of Merry Happy Whatever. Afterwards Ashley says goodbye to her character Kayla and gets ready to be Jenny in Carol’s Second Act. Via Instagram she wrote:

Kayla it’s been real! Playing this character has been the most rewarding role yet for me. It’s been funny, dramatic and a emotional roller coaster. To be honest I was a little nervous if I could even do it, I’m so proud of myself and the work I’ve done. Grateful for this opportunity and gonna miss Kayla’s “fun” personality lol. Can’t wait for y’all to meet Kayla!!

The show will be available later this year on Netflix (exclusive) and contains 8 episodes.

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Maui Tattoo / Interviews in New York

Maui Tattoo / Interviews in New York

Ashley is still suffering from her pup’s death (I’m still so sorry for your loss), but she did some to cheer herself and her husband up: both got Maui tattoos at DRAGON in New York City. Previously DRAGON has done Ashley’s butterfly tattoo (last September) and now the Maui writing on her arm. Chris, Ashley’s husband, got a puppy paw on his hand. Besides Ashley did some interviews while in New York yesterday (June 24).



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Hitting the gym in Studio City / Merry Happy Whatever Update

Hitting the gym in Studio City / Merry Happy Whatever Update

The past week Ashley has worked hard on her upcoming Netflix series Merry Happy Whatever in Los Angeles. The first episode (Welcome Matt) has been filmed, the table read for episode two happened as well. Can’t wait to see this project come to life more and more each day. On Wednesday (May 29) Ashley hit the gym in Studio City as well.

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Mother’s Day / Merry Happy Whatever Table Read

Mother’s Day / Merry Happy Whatever Table Read

On Sunday (May 12) we celebrated our beautiful mama’s, and so did Ashley. Via Instagram she shared:

Happy Mothers Day Mommy!! I couldn’t have gotten a better one. Thanks for always being there especially when I needed you the most, thanks for taking 3 am phone calls whenever I can’t sleep and for teaching me to be strong so I can get myself through anything. You are always so supportive even if you don’t agree (my tattoos 😝) I love you SO much!

Ashley took her mom out for lunch yesterday (May 13) as an after-Mother’s-Day lunch. A few days earlier (May 10) Ashley was seen at the table read of her upcoming project Merry Happy Whatever.

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