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TBT with iHeartRadio

TBT with iHeartRadio

Ashley Tisdale has finally returned with new music. She has a new album on the way called Symptoms and fans already have the first taste of the forthcoming release via its first single “Voices In My Head.”

“‘Voices in My Head’ is really personal for me. The whole album is personal. It’s called Symptoms and it’s really based off of my journey through anxiety and depression. I felt like ‘Voices’ was the best first single because it really explains what the whole album is about,” Tisdale explains to iHeartRadio. She continues, “I co-wrote every single song on the album and it’s so different. It’s a different feeling from like my past music because it is so personal, and everything from the music video, to the art, to the music itself has been all of me and just my creative vision. It’s something that I feel fans will really get to know me for the first time, rather than just me as a character on a movie or a TV show.”

Ashley adds about what fans can expect to hear on Symptoms, “It’s really fun. It’s upbeat and has some electronic elements to it. I think that a lot of the response that I get from my friends is that they all can relate to it. There are a lot of songs that are really relatable, but I think that they’ll really get to know me and I really wanted to make a point to not make music that you kind of dwell in the feelings of anxiety and depression. I really wanted to be upbeat and be like, you know, we can get through this. I just wanted to make someone at home feel less alone.”

To celebrate the next chapter of Tisdale’s career, we took a walk down memory lane with the singer/actress and revisited some of her best throwback pictures. From her High School Musical days as Sharpay Evans, to epic red carpet outfits, Ashley shared the stories behind each photo.

See the video below to find out what Ashley had to say about her #TBT Instagram posts.

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Also check out these two bonus posts with quotes [not included in the video]


High School Musical at the Emmys

[My] ultimate goal in life [is] to win an Emmy. Yeah, we didn’t get to keep these! They went to the producers. That was like really cool though. We had so much fun. So crazy. It feels like a lifetime ago but that was really cool. An achievement.

Going Undercover on the High School Musical Tour

That was like, it’s really funny because when we were doing the tour of High School Musical, we were playing these humongous venues and we would just get tired of craft service or what we had. So we really wanted like the junk food in the venue and so it would be like … these venues were like I think 20,000 people, and so we would put these wigs on, and I even got to the point where I think Corbin Bleu’s dad was just getting tons of people coming up to him because they recognized his dad. And I went up to him and I was like I’m a huge fan! And he saw it was me and knew not to say anything. But yeah, we just used to wear these wigs and like go into the venue and nobody even knew it was us so it was pretty cool.

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Today’s “My Pet Tale”

Today’s “My Pet Tale”

In the inaugural episode of “My Pet Tale,” where celebrities share how their pets have shaped their lives and become lovable, important members of the family, Ashley Tisdale describes her special bond with Maui, her Maltipoo.

The actress and singer often brings Maui wherever life takes her. Maui is a veteran on-set, where she’s always calm, cool and collected.

“A director once said that she knows what ‘cut’ means, and she actually does, which is crazy,” Tisdale told TODAY.

However, Maui does get nervous sometimes. She’s battled anxiety as she’s gotten older and Tisdale says different remedies haven’t worked to calm her down. Tisdale has partnered with Happy Hempies, a nutritional supplement for dogs, because she says it is what helps Maui stay at ease.

“Happy Hempies is just so amazing, because it’s like giving her a treat, which also kind of takes her out of the moment of what she’s, like, freaking out about,” she said. “It just not only calms her, but it calms me, knowing that I have it for her.”

Tisdale says Maui is her “soul mate” and that’s why she wants her to remain happy and healthy. “She’s just been there for me, through the good times, the hard times. Definitely through my 20s, she helped get me through it, with all those, you know, lovely exes and dating.”

And Maui is, of course, the best listener. “She’s just like the best thing to talk to, and she doesn’t cut you off, so it’s really nice.”

She says Maui has made her life so much better. “I always wanted a dog since I was young, and I always was working from a young age, so I just really didn’t have time to have a dog. And so, she just made all my dog dreams come true.”

Source: Today

In the interview Ashley showed a few private photos of Maui (and also herself and Maui). A brand new/old rare photo of both can be found in the gallery. Also a few other new/old photos of Maui were added.

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