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                  Modeliste Magazine December Issue / Instagram Stories Live

Earlier this year Ashley had a photoshoot with Mike Rosenthal for Modeliste Magazine. Today the first MQ photos were leaked. So gorgeous! You can order your copy of the December Issue featuring Ashley on Amazon for $44.13.

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Besides Ashley had a little ‘get ready with me’ live Instagram Stories session this morning. The full video can be found on our YouTube channel.

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                  Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

After 11 years Ashley hit the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade as singer once again. She performed her new single ‘Voices In My Head‘ during the parade.

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                  Out and about in Tribeca / Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Rehearsal

On Wednesday (November 21st) Ashley was seen out and about in Tribeca with her husband. Afterwards she headed to rehearse for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

002~3057.jpg 003~2824.jpg 010~1791.jpg 019~1131.jpg

1917702069626433689_14734199.jpg 1917703562404385613_14734199.jpg 1917730770133120890_14734199.jpg 


Via Instagram Ashley shared a heartwarming Thanksgiving message:

Thankful for these two! ❤️ What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻





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                  Out and about in SoHo

Ashley’s back in New York for Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Parade (Novemeber 22nd) to then perfrom her new song Voices In My Head. She brought her beloved husband and her wonderful dog Maui to celebrate the holiday.

001~3341.jpg 002~3056.jpg 004~2625.jpg 005~2444.jpg

1916400713208839919_14734199.jpg 1916879245839987704_14734199.jpg 1916922542247829674_14734199.jpg 1916977972667934138_14734199.jpg



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                  ‘Voices In My Head’ Out Now!

The time has finally come: Ashley’s new song Voices In My Head is finally available for all of us! You can purchase it on iTunes and Google Play ($1.29) or stream it on Spotify. To get us all in the sing-along mood Ashley published the official lyric video on her YouTube channel as well. The official music video will be up by next week she shared via Twitter.

On Wednesday (November 7th) Ashley attended the Soda Says Celebrates US Launch in Los Angeles, California. She also visited Spotify to talk about the new single. So many exciting things happening and so glad to keep you all updated. Keep checking in on our website, this post will be edited once we get more photos of Ashley promoting the song today!

001~3323.jpg 002~3040.jpg 004~2612.jpg 005~2430.jpg

1907669889781213970_14734199.jpg 1907741956723499757_14734199.jpg 1907819882127186818_14734199.jpg 1908260961762884589_14734199.jpg


Besides promoting her new single Ashley visited Allure Magazine a little while back to film a “[…] tried 9 things she’s never done before”.






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                  Trick or Treating in Los Angeles

Happy Halloween 🎃👻 Ashley, Chris and Maui went as a Shark Family while trick or treating with Ashley’s niece Mikayla in Los Angeles (October 31st).

001~3320.jpg 008~1993.jpg 011~1685.jpg 021~1031.jpg

1902610851980307432_14734199.jpg 1902625852195385437_14734199.jpg 1902628041118838955_14734199.jpg 1902634099723801299_14734199.jpg



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                  Spending a day out with Maui

Ashley’s wonderful grandma celebrated her 85th birthday with her family last night (October 27th). Before the celebration Ashley spent the day out in Studio City and Los Angeles with her dog Maui.

001~3315.jpg 002~3032.jpg 003~2802.jpg 


001~3316.jpg 002~3034.jpg 003~2803.jpg 

001~3317.jpg 002~3033.jpg 003~2801.jpg 005~2424.jpg

001~3318.jpg 002~3035.jpg  

1899481563830418645_14734199.jpg 1899490211092605376_14734199.jpg 1899583024413047704_14734199.jpg 1899766852377301817_14734199.jpg



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                  ‘Voices In My Head’ Snippet

Ashley ain’t playing. She often said that the upcoming single Voices In My Head (release date 11.08.2018) is going to be upbeat. And she didn’t lie! Check out a snippet below.

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Voices In My Head. 11.8.18 @symptoms #symptoms

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