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Candids 2014 – Gallery Update

Candids 2014 – Gallery Update

Another big gallery update has happened. Candids of 2014, +4,400 HQs to be exact, can now be found in the gallery.

004~629.jpg 002~3701.jpg 019~49.JPG 010~2183.jpg 029~895.jpg

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EXCLUSIVE | Gallery Update 2018

EXCLUSIVE | Gallery Update 2018

Thanks to a dear friend I was able to put my hands on some exclusive photos from 2018 of Ashley. Also 1 new HQ of Ashley attending the Republic Records Grammy after party at Spring Place Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California (February 20) and 2 new HQ stills of Ashley on MacGyver were added.


003~3118.jpg 004~2903.jpg  

009~2100.jpg 010~1982.jpg  

006~2534.jpg 007~2368.jpg 008~2227.jpg 009~2101.jpg

026~924.jpg 030~778.jpg 034~683.jpg 042~525.jpg

113~115.jpg 116~109.jpg 120~105.jpg 123~102.jpg

044~490.jpg 047~455.jpg 064~294.jpg 066~279.jpg

033~702.jpg 035~664.jpg 036~626.jpg 038~583.jpg

016~1426.jpg 017~1373.jpg 019~1245.jpg 021~1140.jpg

015~1499.jpg 018~1314.jpg 026~926.jpg 028~845.jpg

016~1428.jpg 017~1376.jpg 021~1143.jpg 024~1010.jpg

039~574.jpg 041~541.jpg 044~492.jpg 046~466.jpg

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Gallery Update – Instagram & Photoshoots

Gallery Update – Instagram & Photoshoots

It was Tizzie Tuesday last night and we sadly didn’t get a new video, but the gallery of Ashley Tisdale Source was updated for you! Instagram photos and exclusive photoshoot pictures were added to the gallery for you.

00.png 01.png 02.png 03.png

001~72.png 002~56.png 003~43.png 004~35.png

Hanging_with_the_cool_kids______sydneysierota_great_show21_You_guys_are_awesome__echosmith.jpg My_husband_3B29__UniStudios__HorrorNights.JPG Glam_with__thescottycunha_and__jademunster__allblackeverything~0.jpg Last_selfie_of_2014_3B29.jpg

078~172.jpg 120~79.jpg 188~41.jpg 219~36.jpg

094~124.jpg 097~119.jpg 188~42.jpg 407~9.jpg

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Update and important information

Update and important information

Tizzies, as some of you may read on my Twitter I moved places with my boyfriend on August 18th. Ever since that day we’re waiting for our provider to finally move the internet connection from the old apartment to the new one. Sadly (a month later) they still didn’t manage to change this all and I’m having trouble updating this site. We did get a mobile hotspot with 30GB of internet to at least have a little internet from our provider, yet I can’t just use it for myself, for updating this page, since we’re living together, sharing this hotspot, gotta pay bills via internet and do some other stuff. You have no idea how sorry I am for the lag of updates the past month. Thank god my dear friend Sushi (owner of offered to help me with the gallery. Also, today, I was able to update a little more to the gallery.

It’s still not sure when we’ll be getting back the full connection but we’re working on it with the provider. Til then updates only get posted every now and then but the gallery does get updated by my friend Sushi – thank you once again.

Image00002.jpg Image00004.jpg Image00015.jpg Image00021.jpg

001~2718.jpg 006~1824.jpg 008~1594.jpg 023~767.jpg

Image00004~0.jpg Image00005~0.jpg Image00016~0.jpg Image00026.jpg

Image00002~1.jpg Image00010~1.jpg Image00015~1.jpg Image00026~0.jpg

Image00003~2.jpg Image00005~2.jpg Image00012~2.jpg Image00023~2.jpg,

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Social Media Update

Social Media Update

It was about time to finally add pictures from Ashley’s social media sites especially her Twitter account (@ashleytisdale). I’m currently still updating the albums and it’d be nice if I got some more time since I have to save all pictures and find those she posted on Snapchat for example as well as 2007/08-mid 2014. But I also added the recent Instagram and Snapchat posts.

Raindrops_.PNG Decisions___decisions_____.PNG  

02_17.jpg 02_17_28229.jpg 02_17_28329.jpg 

Guys_welcome_the_real__ThePhillLewis_to_twitter2121212121.jpg Excited_to_share_my_work_as_co-producer_for__Lindt_Chocolate__ItStartedWithHELLO21_Go_to.jpg Happy_birthday_to_this_guy212121_Me_and__ZacEfron_a_couple_years_back_giving_you_blue_steel___missyoubuddy.jpg Support__LoveisLouder_with_me21_RT_or_post_a_funny_face_pic_with__LaughOutLouder____BenefitBeauty_will_donate__121.jpg

_iHeartAshley_ME21___I_love_my_fans_and_I_fav_the_ones_that_are_positive_and_supportive.jpg Happy_4th_of_July.jpg TGIF______makeupbyme.jpg When_the_cast_of__ClippedTBS_has_a_sleepover_we_wear_animal_onesies21__DionaReasonover__laurenlapkus.jpg

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Gallery Update: Music Videos

Gallery Update: Music Videos

You better not just check out the pictures from Ashley’s music videos but also listen to the songs once again. You know you wanna do so. Til then you can check out the music video pictures such as stills and behind the scenes pictures in the gallery. Screen captures of the music videos are following soon!

002~455.jpg  007~259.jpg 051~24.jpg 003~408.jpg

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Gallery Update: Series

Gallery Update: Series

It was about time to update the gallery with Ashley’s television series and those, she starred in. Find a list of updated albums below. You can find stills, behind the scenes pictures, promotional pictures, posters and more in the gallery.

001~387.jpg 001~393.jpg 002~353.jpg 001~406.jpg

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