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                  Z100’s Jingle Ball

It’s that time of year again: Jingle Ball time! Ashley attended the Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York City, New York on Friday (December 7th). She also presented on stage. Fun fact: Ashley tweeted she worked on her makeup all by herself in just 20 minutes. SO BEAUTIFUL!

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001~3361.jpg 002~3075.jpg 003~2839.jpg 005~2457.jpg

001~3362.jpg 002~3076.jpg 003~2840.jpg 004~2639.jpg

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                  Heading to New York City

Another flight took Ashley to New York City, this time to present at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York today.

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                  Out shopping in Studio City

Sunday Funday. Ashley was seen shopping at friend Haylie Duff’s baby store Little Moon in Studio City with her friend Nikki Lee and her newborn baby girl. Also Ashley was seen out at a farmer’s market with Chris and Maui.

001~3354.jpg 002~3068.jpg  

002~3069.jpg 004~2633.jpg 012~1594.jpg 013~1511.jpg

001~3356.jpg 006~2297.jpg 009~1904.jpg 018~1191.jpg

1925753000855270654_14734199.jpg 1925773309826058974_14734199.jpg 1925773466995073614_14734199.jpg 1925940666959902530_14734199.jpg

There’s a new Symptoms photoshoot picture to share with you.




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                  Grabbing Lunch / Radio Disney + Buzzfeed Interview

Love seeing Ashley out and about to grab some lunch in Los Angeles on Friday (November 30th).

001~3350.jpg 002~3064.jpg 003~2830.jpg 

001~3351.jpg 003~2831.jpg 005~2451.jpg 009~1901.jpg

Later on she stopped by Radio Disney in Burbank, California. When she was in New York, Ashley stopped by BuzzFeed to talk about her first times. Check it out!

001~3352.jpg 002~3066.jpg 003~2832.jpg 

001~3353.jpg 002~3067.jpg  



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                  Visiting the Little Moon Store in Studio City

On Tuesday (November 27th) Ashley visited her friend Haylie Duff’s store Little Moon in Studio City. It’s a store for baby supplies, yet I’m wondering if Ashley got something for Maui since she left the store with a bag…

001~3348.jpg 006~2293.jpg 010~1793.jpg 025~879.jpg

001~3349.jpg 003~2829.jpg 005~2450.jpg 008~2014.jpg



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                  Out and about in Tribeca / Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Rehearsal

On Wednesday (November 21st) Ashley was seen out and about in Tribeca with her husband. Afterwards she headed to rehearse for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

002~3057.jpg 003~2824.jpg 010~1791.jpg 019~1131.jpg

1917702069626433689_14734199.jpg 1917703562404385613_14734199.jpg 1917730770133120890_14734199.jpg 


Via Instagram Ashley shared a heartwarming Thanksgiving message:

Thankful for these two! ❤️ What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻





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                  Out and about in SoHo

Ashley’s back in New York for Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Parade (Novemeber 22nd) to then perfrom her new song Voices In My Head. She brought her beloved husband and her wonderful dog Maui to celebrate the holiday.

001~3341.jpg 002~3056.jpg 004~2625.jpg 005~2444.jpg

1916400713208839919_14734199.jpg 1916879245839987704_14734199.jpg 1916922542247829674_14734199.jpg 1916977972667934138_14734199.jpg



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                  New York Promotional Tour Day 2

Another day in New York, another day to promote Voices In My Head. Ashley visited SiriusXM, AOL’s BUILD Series and TRL to talk about her new music. Besides that photos of Ashley on GMA Day from Monday (November 12th) were also added.





002~3052.jpg 006~2283.jpg 018~1187.jpg 025~876.jpg


001~3337.jpg 002~3053.jpg  

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