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                  Illuminate Cosmetics ‘Glow Up’ Palette

Another excitied day for Ashley started. The Illuminate Cosmetics ‘Glow Up’ palettes are out now! Both palettes are up for $17.00, both as a duo are up for $32.00. Also the website was redone. Visit it by clicking here, and purchase your palettes now.

001~3500.jpg 001~3501.jpg 002~3207.jpg 003~2967.jpg

001~3503.jpg 002~3209.jpg 003~2969.jpg 

001~3504.jpg 002~3210.jpg 003~2970.jpg 

001~3505.jpg 002~3211.jpg 003~2971.jpg 

In the gallery you can now find candids of Ashley heading to a gym in Los Angeles (January 18th).

002~3208.jpg 004~2760.jpg 009~1990.jpg 018~1247.jpg



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                  At a Farmer’s Market in Studio City

Love seeing Ashley and Chris at farmer’s markets the past weekends. Yesterday (January 27th) Ashley, Chris and Maui went back to Studio City and the farmer’s market. So cute!

001~3496.jpg 004~2757.jpg 005~2565.jpg 009~1987.jpg

001~3498.jpg 005~2566.jpg 008~2108.jpg 016~1351.jpg

002~3206.jpg 004~2759.jpg 008~2109.jpg 009~1989.jpg

Besides, Ashley dropped special news: we’re getting the Love Me & Let Me Go music video this week! Wuhu!




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                  ‘Love Me & Let Me Go’ Out Now!

It’s finally here. Ashley released the second single from the new album Symptoms called Love Me & Let Me Go. Catch the song on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and other streaming services. Ashley also had a little Instagram Stories Live talk right after the release. The video can be found exclusively on our YouTube Channel.



1964349139061579762_14734199.jpg 1964349686644879070_14734199.jpg 1964362219837477945_14734199.jpg 1964730727083791533_14734199.jpg

Also yesterday (January 24th) Ashley was seen out for lunch and at the Create & Cultivate And Chevrolet Launch Event For The Create & Cultivate 100 List in Los Angeles.

001~3490.jpg 002~3199.jpg 004~2754.jpg 006~2397.jpg

001~3491.jpg 002~3200.jpg 003~2959.jpg 006~2398.jpg

001~3492.jpg 004~2756.jpg 008~2104.jpg 011~1774.jpg

001~3495.jpg 002~3202.jpg 003~2962.jpg 



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                  Out and about in Santa Monica

On Saturday (January 12th) Ashley, Chris and Maui were seen out and about in Santa Monica, California, looking all casual.

005~2553.jpg 008~2098.jpg 012~1659.jpg 020~1117.jpg



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                  Leaving a spa in West Hollywood

After announcing the new single and its release date, Ashley shared some Instagram Stories of herself hiking, and at a spa. She was seen leaving Joanna Vagas Skin Care at Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday (January 8th).

001~3471.jpg 003~2944.jpg 008~2095.jpg 010~1864.jpg

1952416584985208398_14734199.jpg 1952475688399153617_14734199.jpg 1952558189058501656_14734199.jpg 1952654700194936336_14734199.jpg



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                  Amazon Prime Video’s Golden Globe Awards After Party

It’s Award Season, Tizzies. Ashley attended Amazon Prime Video’s Golden Globe Awards After Party in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday (January 6th) evening. Via Twitter she shared:

I’m so happy #BohemianRhapsody and @ItsRamiMalek won tonight, my obsession with Queen is another level and Rami killed it in that movie #GoldenGlobeAwards2019

010~1863.jpg 007~2224.jpg 004~2736.jpg 001~3469.jpg

006~2378.jpg 007~2220.jpg  

1951220575886062777_14734199.jpg 1951681364329596503_14734199.jpg 1951681785664126997_14734199.jpg 1951686035442027261_14734199.jpg

Before the glam night Ashley was seen out in Studio City. Did you know Ashley did her own makeup for the Golden Globes Party?

003~2940.jpg 007~2221.jpg 016~1340.jpg 029~773.jpg

004~2734.jpg 009~1974.jpg 016~1341.jpg 027~824.jpg

003~2942.jpg 005~2545.jpg 011~1762.jpg 021~1070.jpg



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                  Grabbing a drink at Earth Bar

Four days in, and Ashley needs her daily coffee. On Friday (January 4th) she was seen at Earth Bar in West Hollywood, California, grabbing a drink.

001~3465.jpg 004~2731.jpg 007~2219.jpg 009~1972.jpg

Also Ashley shared via Instagram Stories that she got a vitamin shot, and her producer John Feldmann shared via IG Stories, that “She is an unstoppable force“.

1949517432273904349_14734199.jpg 1949723375502719244_14734199.jpg 1949724684528331137_14734199.jpg 1949847655120951013_14734199.jpg

003~2936.jpg 004~2730.jpg  

001~3463.jpg 002~3176.jpg 003~2938.jpg 



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                  Out in Los Feliz

Since this is the first post in 2019: Happy New Year! 🥂 Let’s get started in this wonderful year with some cute candid shots of Ashley, her dog and her husband out in Los Feliz, California on Wednesday (January 2nd).

002~3175.jpg 011~1759.jpg 020~1112.jpg 024~943.jpg



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